Monday, October 26, 2009


We've had the staples: Small Party of Good Boys and Simon Pure's Good Brand are the best known, for instance.

We've had the witty Small Party of Glesga Bookies (as the local branch in Glasgow was known in its early days because, it turns out, a number of its members were bookies) and we have had the just plain abusive Smug Pricks and Gobby Bastards (just made that one up but I've yet to copyright it).

But I think the old school playground nicknames all fall by the wayside with Julian V from Enfield and Haringey Branch's recent suggestion on the Party's discussion list that the SPGB now stands for Senile Pensioners in Geriatric Bathchairs. The bloke's got form in the witty stakes. It was Julian who came up with the title of 'Socialism Or You Money Back'.

Sterling Cooper's loss was the SPGB's gain.

Cheeky opponents and the usual malcontents will riposte that they've been referring to us as that for years, but it's no good now mentioning that now on the commentary of your latest dvd. Prove your point by providing the requisite YouTube clips from those Arena specials you were on all those years ago. Otherwise, button it or we'll send the youth section around to have a word, brew a pot of tea and share some Werther's Originals.


Derek Wall said...

I think you should put more energy into fermenting Hugo Chavez style 21st century socialism over here.

Nonetheless I do like a lot of your material especially the William Morris literature and you should be celebrating the Ostrom win, which establishes that self management of the commons is possible and desirable.

stuart said...

I remember my first trip to the SPGB's head office, and I said, "So, what do you do?" and someone replied, "Well, I drink tea and play darts." I determined to join there and then.

Darren said...

who said that? Sounds like a 'sugar' beat line.

stuart said...

I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten his name. Was it Mike? Big guy, softly spoken, bald head, nice and friendly...

stuart said...

PS I think you and perhaps your fellow comrades might enjoy AS Byatt's new, Booker-shortlisted novel, The Children's Book. It's set in Victorian England, and features walk on roles from William Morris, Emma Goldman, Edward Carpenter, 'Stepniak' and many more Fabians and anarchists and Arts and Crafts types. A lovely book, fascinating reading. Spread the word!

Darren said...


I know who you mean. I think it's Mick rather than Mike (not 100% sure) but I know he spoke at the recent SPGB ADM.

Cheers for the heads up about the AS Byatt book. Sounds interesting and worth seeking out.

Sort of thing Bill would read in an afternoon and knock out a 500 word on his blog the same day.

Darren said...

As an addendum.

Subtle but crafty-work.

Londonsocialist said...

Derek, we did comment on the Ostrom win at