Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Branches That Meet in Caffs

I'm intrigued. Tell me more.

Insert your rewritten Dexys Midnight Runners song title here. I've already had a go. (See above.)


mikeovswinton said...

Thankfully not living in New York, it doesn't apply.

mikeovswinton said...

Jackie Wilson said (that scottish premier league football isn't worth the bother.)

Darren said...

I did think of Dexy's doing Jackie Wilson. It is the obvious rewritten song titles for the SPGB.

'Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in heaven when ADM is finally quorate on a Sunday afternoon)'

'Pat Wilson Said (I'm in heaven when they expelled me from the SPGB)'* A an in-in-in SPGB joke from the 80s.

Kevin Rowland's solo stuff could also be used:

'Because of You . . . the working class hasn't yet achieved socialism' (Kevin sings that particular ditty to the world's working class.

'I'm Just Looking . . . I don't want to take out a supporters subscription to the Socialist Standard'

From Dexys sophomore album Too-Rye-Ay:

'Old' - No need to rewrite the song title. Says it all.

'Plan B' - What Plan B? We don't have a plan b.

'Celtic Ghoul Brothers' Glasgow Branch pouring on the cold water . . . again.

mikeovswinton said...

Sorry, I think that you'll find "Because of You" is actually part of the Dexy's Midnight Runners oeuvre, rather than Sir Kevin's solo career - which largely, but not completely, consists of The Wanderer and-ahem- My Beauty. 250 of the latter were sold. I have one. I couldn't quite finish listening to it on first play and its gathered dust ever since. A new album is due, and Sir Kevin is working with Mick Talbot on it. Allegedly. We Dexyphiles have awaited the fourth album even longer than most SPGBers have awaited the glorious day. This blog has always made me think; SPL football is to real football what the SPGB is to real politics. But I digress.

Darren said...

Indeed you do digress. I can understand the dismissal of the small but perfectly formed SPGB but the SPL? It has its moments. ;-)

I was always skeptical about Because of You supposedly being a Dexys song. I still think it just started out as Kevin singing the theme song to Brush Strokes and when Brush Strokes inexplicably became popular they released it as a Dexys song because . . . because . . . well because Dexys career was pretty much down the toilet at the time.

Never heard The Wanderer but My Beauty is absolutely awful. (And I'm confining my disdain for the music alone.) Terrible and uninspiring covers album that could have been done better by Andy Williams.

It's like Kevin Rowland decided to take 5 or 6 of my favourite songs of all time, and murder them one by one. Throw in another five tracks I'm not bothered about and there you have one of the misplaced albums of all times.

I get it that Kevin had his personal demons at the time and may have blunted his creative capabilities but how much Bolivian marching powder was Alan McGee funneling up his nose at the time to let Creation Records release that piece of garbage?

I always had a soft spot for the Dexys comeback song from way back, Manhood. I thought at the time that was a real return to form, and was disappointed when it wasn't followed through.

mikeovswinton said...

Manhood (along with the later "My Life in England", a rather interesting song, I think, tho' I would say that as I worked in Wolverhampton for a few years) is on the compilation that was done at the time of the 2003 tour, "Let's make this precious". As is Because of You, which was co-written with Helen Bevington (aka O'Hara) and Kevin (aka Billy) Adams - only one Kev in the Famous Dixons at any one time as Kevin (aka Al) Archer found out.

McGee may have been on the marching powder - I don't know. But the paradox is that that My Beauty was put out at a time when - if the interviews are correct - Kevin was dealing with his demons. He did fall out big time with Jimmy Patterson when it was being made, and they haven't worked together since as far as I know. Which is a tremendous shame.

SPL. Well, I remember when a certain scottish player sometimes linked with the Celtic manager's job told the Bolton Evening News he was fed up with not getting regular starts with Bolton and that he was going to a club where he would, and that he'd be playing European football - it was Kilmarnock or Motherwell or someone else who'd had a good year. Then he found out how much they proposed to pay him. And that was the end of that.