Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breakin' (1984)


mikeovswinton said...

No posts recently? Not in shock that Celtic beat Hamilton Academicals?

Darren said...

Don't mind me. Just discovered Lexulous on Facebook.

I'll soon get bored with it, and get back to blogging about the inane and inconsequential ( . . . and listing what particular film I watched that day).

mikeovswinton said...

Hey, is that the real Glasgow Rangers that's going down the river, with the squad up for sale? If it is, then half of the city (not that you'd know in Brooklyn) must be enjoying a touch of the auld schadenfreude, as I believe they call it in Partick. Or so Stanley Baxter used to say to me. How can you do it with a Pools operation like theirs?
(BTW I knew enough old SPGBers back in the day to know what Mr Wall has coming to him in the thread above. Chavez? Socialism? I feel a 35 page A5 pamphlet brewing in Clapham.......)