Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Commitments (1991)


stuart said...

"Films that are better than you remember them."

Used to watch this about weekly when I was at university. Must watch it again!

Darren said...

I can't work out why I disliked this film so much first time round when watching it again.

Maybe it's because I read the novel first and that can always be a bit of a weight on your mind when watching a film that has been adapted from a book you especially cherish. Maybe it's because I'm being especially kind and considerate to Alan Parker after the recent butchered remake of his classic, Fame? Maybe I took umbrage at the fact that they didn't mention Microdisney in the film, when Cathal, Sean and the other three take pride of place in the pages of the book? (Granted it's one line but that's more mention than most of the music press ever gave them.) Maybe I like the film more this time round because I 'm bewitched by the nineties Dublin on screen? Maybe it's because, from recently watching the Movie Connections documentary on the film, I now have a richer understanding of the hurdles they had to jump over (and skirt around) to make the film as they wanted it to be made. Maybe I like it more now because this time round I now know - and like - the actor/musician Glen Hansard and I now - and fancy - the actress/musician Maria Doyle Kennedy?

Maybe it's all of the above, but more likely it's because this time round I decided to watch it sober.