Monday, July 20, 2009

Stop, boak, finally listen

It took them 25 days but the bastards* finally wore me down and broke my resolve. I'm now listening to Thriller for the first time in 20 years.

It's not as cheesy** as I remember it.

*The 'bastards' being the 1001 car drivers/truck drivers/snots on skateboards that have stopped at the traffic lights outside our apartment block these past four weeks and played the same interchangeable four or five MJ tracks at full blast on their music systems.

**I still think that 'Beat It' is an overrated piece of garbage, though.


Kevin Williamson said...

Much over-rated album with just two killer tracks on it.

Point of information: Michael Jackson released fewer classic pop songs than Gary Glitter. And nothing to rival RocknRoll Parts 1&2. Just saying likesay.

Darren said...

Just two?

I'll take your two and raise it to three. Four if eighties nostalgia is wafting through my nostrils at the time of writing.

Mr Glitter? Before my time.