Friday, July 31, 2009

Only 799,999 to go


Will said...

Darren said...

Nice miss from McDonald:

Another long season?

Will said...

The place to be this season is in the (English) Championship.

It is where real football takes place.

I hear that crowds of 52 thousand attend matches there and that.

Will said...

Darren said...

So the BBC finally gets round to releasing it officially the day after everyone and their second cousin has got a hold of the bootleg dvd that's been doing the round for years? Good thinking.

I knew something was afoot because this picturefrom the blog has been doing a roaring trade for the last couple of hours. I've just woken up so I guessed wrongly that Robbie Coltrane had died or something.

Now, lets see if they can get a campaign going for the release of Byrne's follow up series, 'Your Cheating Heart'.

I can't find the bootleg anywhere.