Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah Silverman says: 'Please donate to the war'

Via Roseanne's blog:

I'm still having difficulty breathing. Please give generously.


Holly said...

Don't you understand this is OBVIOUSLY tounge in cheek? She's not for the war, she's against it. Don't be so quick to jump all over an ally in stopping the war. I dislike Sarah Silverman in general, but I use my brain to try and understand what she's saying with her sarcasm and irony before I open my mouth to criticise her. You should try doing this, if for nothing else for the sake of unifying the left-wing message overall.

Holly said...
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Andrew P. said...

I don't think she's actually for the war. At least, that's what the original post led me to believe that the author of Inveresk Street thought.

Darren said...


I know she was joking. So was I . ;-)

Kara said...

Do you use your brain when you write comments? You're a fucking idiot to criticize Darren for supposedly opening his mouth to criticize Sarah Silverman. Try reading a few other posts before writing such a moronic comment next time - he OBVIOUSLY knew she was joking and he OBVIOUSLY has a major crush on her as per the other posts he's written about her.

Besides, when has the left-wing ever been unified - I didn't realize there were left-wing meetings taking place to discuss what the "unifying message" is. Maybe I'm just not invited, after all I'm a radical feminist - and the left wing are a bit scared of people like me.

Lonnie said...

Kara, I'm scared of you. Not because you're left wing, a radical feminist, or because you read blogs. I'm scared of you because you're an obnoxious bitch. Throw me your tirade.

Darren said...


Holly didn't realise that the whole point of me posting the clip was because of its humour.

OK it was Holly's mistake, but she went one step further and decided to be a bit high handed and suggested that I should engage my brain before I post in future.

Kara was just taking issue with this. Nothing more, nothing less. The last line in her comment was directed at me. Not Holly and no one else who might read the blog.

Please keep the "obnoxious bitch" comment to yourself. It's not welcomed, and you'll have to look for your tirades elsewhere.

Kara said...

I'm scared of you because you're an obnoxious bitch.

Yeah, but, do you think I'm hot?

Reidski said...

Holly and Lonnie, we don't like your sort round here, you're not welcome, so engage your collective three brain cells somewhere else. Anyone wants to mess with Dazza or Kara will have the Millwall crew to take on first!

Duncan Money said...

I'm with Holly on this, you seem unable to understand sarcasm Darren.

Darren said...


You're right. I don't understand sarcasm.

PS - Trust me, you're giving Holly far too much credit. ;-)