Thursday, September 11, 2008

How many will Zaki score this week?

Glad that that daftness is out the way for another month. I don't care what anybody says: Internationals get in the way of proper football. The actual final tournaments are great, and all that (what else are you going to do in the summer months when the proper football isn't on?) but the qualifying rounds are just a pain in the arse.

Couple of thoughts from last night's games:

  • Ashley Cole, Lampard and Terry are on the pitch and the only Chelsea player to get an elbow in the face is Joe Cole? Croatia deserved to lose for that alone.
  • It pains me to write it but that swine, Kirk Broadfoot, was first class against Celtic the other week so I won't begrudge him his goal against Iceland. Nice to see that ex-XTC front man, Barry Robson, was also on the score sheet last night. I hope that means he starts the next game for Celtic. The bloke lifted the Celtic team immeasurably when he came on against Rangers the other week. (See, Reidski, I can now get past the pain and mention that 4-2 defeat.)
  • Result of last night by far. It's always heartening when the minnow tax haven for the parasitic rich gets one over on the big daddy tax haven of the same parasitic rich bastards.
  • Footballer feels sorry for himself shocker. The nation collectively replies 'Lee who?'
  • What was so great about England's stunning victory in Zagreb last night was that so few English supporters actually saw it. More people watched a repeat of The Brittas Empire over on UK Gold last night.
  • Since when did Lithuania get so good? I'm away down the bookies to put a tenner on Hearts of Midlothian winning the 2010 World Cup.

    Reidski said...

    Barry Robson - the absolute stand out signing by Gordon Strachan. And, at the time it was done, I asked: "Who the fuck is he?" Yes, hope he is in for the game at the weekend.

    Kirk Broadfoot - why does he get such stick? After Hutton went off to Spurs, he was a rock for the forces of darkness. Then, as the season was drawing to a close, he found himself on the bench. That only helped us. He made a really stupid tackle last night which got him booked, but, apart from that, he was fine.

    Lee McCulloch - is that guy deranged, or what? The whole nation hates him? The whole nation is completely indifferent at best and ignorant of his existence at worst (as you suggest, Darren).

    Btw, I love international football. Much more exciting and passionate than what passes for club football most weekends. Well, come on, you can't tell me you had an emotional attachment to many players in the hoops when they done us over the other week, can you? A sorry bunch of mercenaries, in my opinion!

    Darren said...

    Robson's a class act. I just know that he's one of those players where Celtic will be lamenting his loss a couple of years down the line, wishing he had been signed a couple of years bafore.

    Well I know why Broadfoot might get some stick from the Celtic support: he can be a bit of a niggly, annoying bastard but that doesn't take anything away from the fact that he was one of R*ngers most effective players the other week. Every time he got the ball. I thought 'That bastard's going to maraud down the pitch' . . . abd he duly did.

    Lee who?

    Sorry, I have to agree to disagree with you about international football . . . at least when it's at this stage in the proceedings.

    When it's the international weekends, I get withdrawal symptoms on a Saturday when I realise that I can't refresh the BBC's live vidiprinter page a gazillion times to see how Fulham are getting on, and the first Saturday after the internationals are over always seems overly lacklustre. That's a waste of two footballing weekends in my opinion.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it's sweet that people from Cleethorpes, Bromsgrove and Minehead with oversize flag of St George banners gathering dust in their cubby holes get to go abroad a couple of times a year but we wouldn't be having this comment chat if England hadn't turned in a wonderful performance against the Croats the other night.

    That was a one off. It'll be back to Lampard and Gerrard bumping into each other in the midfield this time next month when England are stuttering to a 2-0 win over Belarus. ;-)

    PS _ I'm also a bit peeved that Bullard didn't get to have a run out. That would have been the story of England abroad for me. Not what we had instead: a couple of lucky ricochets, mishit cross-shots and dodgy goalkeeping in Zargreb, which seems to be what currently consumes the English football press.