Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Looking out for shirt number 01

Yeah, I know he won three titles in a row and I'm not going to get on his case for Sunday's bad result, but it's a crying bastard shame that Strachan could not have made more use of Derek Riordan's obvious talents in the two bit years the bloke was at the club. Riordan is a class act on the pitch and he could have been a great in the hoops.

I'd have been happier if Riordan had gone to somewhere like West Brom (if only because it's easier to download Match of the Day off the internet), but I hope, in returning to Hibs, it's more a Mark Hughes than an Ian Rush return to former pastures. (Can't be arsed to spell that analogy out. You either get it or you don't.)

According to the BBC Sports website, Hibs will next be playing Celtic (at Parkhead) on Saturday, October 25th. I have to be honest that I'd raise a smile if Riordan had the opportunity to turn it on against Celtic, scoring a goal and maybe having a Proustian moment by running over the Celtic bench and momentarily touching one of the plastic seats that he parked his arse on for those lost Parkhead years.

And it would be a 'raise a smile' moment rather than a raise my voice moment. The latter would probably guarantee a Manhattan transfer down the wooden stairs of the Jack Demsey pub.

Thanks for the memories, Derek. Now, please just sod off and get a decent haircut before I tear up.

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