Friday, September 12, 2008

Question of the Day

What's Helen Mirren doing on the front cover of the NME back in '76? (Looking like Hazel O'Connor in the grainy image, I might add.)

Just stumbled across that startling fact via this anorak page over at wiki. That page would be a thousand times better if the person who wrote up the page also scanned in a few of the front covers as well. I had to find the grainy image to your left via eBay. The paper is yours for a fiver, apparently. Get clicking.


OK, did a bit of internet digging, and I'm guessing that Helen Mirren is on the front cover because of 'Teeth 'N' Smiles', a David Hare play from the mid-seventies that's apparently "a searing look at the madness and excesses of the rock n’ roll years.". (More tangential info about 'Teeth 'N' Smiles' over here.)

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