Thursday, September 18, 2008

(Football) Quote of the Day

Via a thread on Urban 75 about the dullest football fans:

"true though innit. at our games you get a mixture of people wearing a variety of shirts from through the ages and many wearing nothing but their normal everyday clothes.

Look at the Emirates on telly and it's like the village of the fucking damned."

Oh wait up, here's another quote of the day from the same thread:

"whenever I'm in London and Arsenal are at home, all their fans heading home on the Bristol train look exactly like the dreary well heeled middle class nonentities you'd expect to see at Arsenal. All wearing the latest home shirt, all with groaning bags of tat from the megastore and all of them dull as fuck."

And I don't even mind Arsenal. 'JTG', I salute you.

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