Thursday, August 07, 2008

'Your name's not on the guestlist, your book is not getting in'

Funny incident recounted by 'PaulOK' over at Urban 75's UK politics, current affairs and news forum:

Anybody read Steel's new book, "What's Going On?"

Supposedly he gives a real literary kicking to his former comrades in the SWP?

I popped into Bookmarks near Tottenham Court Road yesterday and asked the assistant if she had it in stock. She looked at me as if I was something stuck to her shoe before answering "No, We haven't nor will we be getting it"!.

Looks like Steel is now an "un-person"

Guess it's Amazon.

There's an extract of the book over here at The Independent. I loved Reasons To Be Cheerful but, if the extract is anything to go by, his new book looks a bit more sombre. Maybe it's just extract selected. I'll have to see if I can get a copy of the book itself.


stuart said...

Not as good as Reasons To Be Cheerful, but worth getting and great fun. I devoured it in a day. More extracts to appear shortly at FDTW. Cheers

Darren said...

How's that for spooky?

as you were posting this comment, I was over at yours asking for a review.

Does he really dish the dirt on the SWP or is that just the fevered imagination of Swuppies over at Urban 75? He doesn't seem the type to stick the boot in.

Never really realised the antipathy towards Mark Steel from some people on the left. It seemed to stem from little more than the fact that he was in the SWP. That's the sort of sectarianism that I can't abide. ;-)

Anybody who has spent 5 minutes in a political organisation has to recognise themselves in Reasons To Be Cheerful.

stuart said...

Agreed. And no, he doesn't stick the boot in at all, although I'm sure that even the mildest criticism will be taken as proof by the sectarian mindset that Steel was a petit bourgeois deviationist all along. His love for the party and his sadness at leaving it were the main things I took away.