Sunday, August 10, 2008

Twinning Baltimore with Basildon

I haven't posted an mp3 (for sampling purposes) in a while, but this one caught my ear when I stumbled across it recently:

  • Charli Baltimore - 'Lose It' mp3
  • Philadelphia rapper Charli Baltimore, working with Producer Scott Storch, samples Yaz(oo)'s 1982 US dance number one, 'Situation', for a radical reworking of what was Alf and Vince's biggest hit Stateside.

    RED ALERT: The lyrics are a bit risque. (Put it this way; I can't see Alison Moyet doing a cover of the 'cover') but, for all that, it's still a hundred times better than the recent Hercules And Love Affair remix of 'Situation' on the Reconnected EP and, I'm guessing, that this is the toned down PG version of the track.

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