Thursday, August 28, 2008

Up The Funny Roundabout

I know: the picture on the left could be the East Village 2008, but it is in fact St Albans circa 1975.

The members of Wire at this point in time were still mixing their paints at Watford Art College . . . The Undertones weren't to play the Hemel Hempstead Pavillion for another eight years so, for one brief moment, power pop/new wave/proto punk (delete as appropriate) in Hertfordshire had its moment in the sun in St Albans. Squeeze supporting Curved Air. (Wasn't that Stewart Copeland's first band?)

Is it that obvious that I've been listening to the Frank Cottrell-Boyce's One Chord Wonders radio plays?

The pic comes via the excellent Packet Of Three website, which is dedicated to all things Squeeze-like, and which I have duly added to the 'Fill Your Head With Culture' sidebar. That's all. Just saw the pic and wanted to bring it to blogging light.

"A future morning at 4:50 the F Train took her rather nifty . . . ". I never can remember the rest of the lyrics.

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