Friday, August 15, 2008

I just want to dance

Kudos to Matt and the Education Department of the SPGB (who they?) for updating - and posting online - an A-Z of Socialism on the SPGB website.

As the Education Department lays it out:


This compendium is intended to be a reference-companion for socialists. It is aimed particularly at the newcomer to the socialist movement who may be unfamiliar with socialist terminology. We have included cross-referencing, suggested books for further reading and links to relevant websites at the end of most entries.

We have concentrated on those ideas that are relevant to the case for socialism. In addition, there are many biographical entries of individuals and organisations of interest to the socialist movement. The inclusion of any of these should not necessarily be understood as an endorsement of their ideas and practices. Likewise, many entries have suggestions for relevant books and websites, but the views expressed in these are not necessarily the same as those of the Socialist Party.

It will be obvious that there are some errors, omissions and unworthy inclusions. We make no claim to comprehensive, final and definitive truth. This compendium can and should be better. We therefore invite suggestions and constructive criticisms for use in future editions of this compendium.

Education Department

August 2008

Why start at A? It'll only be banging on about accumulation, alienation and assorted anarchists. Take the scenic route.


Yes comrade, you too can boogie.


Phil BC said...

Will there be entries about other left groups? I look forward to a rehash of the whole name change thing ;)

Darren said...

No idea what they're going to do with the A to Z in the future? I guess they could update it online from time to time, and include all the 57 varieties of Leninism but what would be the purpose?

A simple, 'If the Leninists get within a sniff of power the working class will be fucked' will simply suffice. ;-)

What name change thing: the SPGB shortening its name for propaganda purposes in the mid-eighties or the Millies nicking the name in 96/97? ;-)

It's old news. And, to be honest, I'm more interested in the name change saga from the Millies end at this point.

I still have a bit of a hunch that it was a panic measure on the part of the Millies leadership after Scargill set up the SLP and he rebuffed any overtures from them for some sort of working relationship or understanding when it came to work electorally and elsewhere.

I think they saw Arthur parking his tanks on their electoral lawn and thought their niche was being encroached. Steps had to be taken.

What was it that the late Al Richardson used to call all this sort of shenanigans? Consumer socialism? ;-)

Jools said...

"There is a superficial resemblance between anarcho-communists and socialists – but it is superficial"

Debatable. And another example of what Freud called the "narcissism of minor differences."?