Saturday, August 30, 2008

A megaupload of H E. Hardy Edgar Hardcastle articles

Hot on the heels of Graham's Ragged Trousered Philanthropist blog comes an updating of Edgar Hardcastle's page over at the Marxist Internet Archive.

Edgar Hardcastle? Click on this link (or this one) for more info on who Hardcastle was. Passing SPGBers - or that even rarer breed, regular readers of this blog - will know who I'm wittering on about.

Same deal as with post about RTP: here's the newly added articles that caught my eye, but be sure to click on the link to discover your own favourites:

  • From the August 1937 Socialist Standard G.B. Shaw as a Guide to Socialism
  • From the April 1938 Socialist Standard Trotsky-Stalin Feud. An American View
  • From the August 1936 Socialist Standard Socialists Do Stand for Equality
  • From the April 1939 Socialist Standard The Last Hour in Madrid
  • A lecture from October 1978 The Materialist Conception of History
  • From the November 1936 Socialist Standard What to Do About Fascism?
  • Kudos to Adam in London and Mike in Tokyo for the work done in updating Hardcastle's page. Hopefully, there'll be more to follow.

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