Thursday, August 28, 2008

A rapid share of old socialist articles

The 'Isn't It About Time We Had Socialism?' blog is no more.

Not sure what happened but it appears that Graham - the Gillingham supporting death metalist SPGBer living in Denmark - (who's not to be confused with Rob, the vegan death metalist SPGBer living in Norway) decided that the blog couldn't hang around any longer for the revolution bus* to fill up.

However, not being a comrade to rest on his blogging laurels, Graham has kick-started the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist blog to take its place.

A first glance it looks like death to death metal as this blog is geared more towards reprints of old articles and pamphlets from the SPGB *cough* canon. I'm pretty sure that the majority of the articles are appearing on the web for the first time, and that it's Graham who has done most of the transcribing. So, kudos to him for performing the public service:

Of course, you should check out the blog for yourself but these are the articles that caught my eye:

  • From the July 1970 Socialist Standard A write up of a debate between the SPGB and the International Socialists
  • From the April 1969 Socialist Standard Marx and Engels and the 'Collapse' of Capitalism
  • 5 part article from the Socialist Standard in early 1979 How Capitalism Works
  • From the June 1928 Socialist Standard A vintage debate between the SPGB (Jack Fitzgerald) and the ILP (James Maxton)
  • The SPGB 1978 introductory pamphlet, Questions of the Day
  • From the January 1969 Socialist Standard Rosa Luxemburg and the Collapse of Capitalism
  • From the October 1923 Socialist Standard Jingo Communists
  • There's a lot more to check out on his blog, so feel free to click on the link.

    A lonely footnote

    *If you can find that Peter Rigg's cartoon online, you're a better googler than me.


    robert said...

    Hey, I've wanted to find that excellent cartoon too - but to no avail! Shame, coz it's a corker.
    And yes indeedy there's some excellent stuff on Gray's new blog.

    Robert in Carlisle

    (last week in Glasgow, a, er, 'mature' comrade introduced me as 'Robert Carlisle'! ('Carlyle')
    Sad to say I'm much more of a Robbie Coltrane build ;>)

    gray said...

    thanks for the linkage!

    I'll probably get around to the metal and footballing exploits of the Gills at some stage but for the time being I'll be a bit more "serious"

    Posting party material was an original motivation for "Isn't it about time...?"