Sunday, March 04, 2007

March 2007 Socialist Standard - 'American Workers On Death Row'


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  • Death penalty: state-sanctioned murder The bungled execution of Saddam Hussein has raised this issue again. But executions in the US Constitution are no better.
  • Who caused global warming? “Global warming is caused by mankind, is here to stay and is getting worse, leading scientists have concluded”.
  • Burberry applies the law of profit Last September Burberry announced that its Treorchy factory was no longer viable and would close this March with the loss of 309 jobs.
  • This land is your land (or maybe not) Author Kevin Cahill is wrong. Wider landowning is not the answer as we are excluded from ownership of the means of production in general not just land.
  • The God of the Killers When in comes to condoning violence it’s a case of the Christian kettle and the Muslim pot.
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  • Book Reviews Capitalism. A Very Short Introduction by James Fulcher; Socialism. A Very Short Introduction by Michael Newman; Anarchism, A Very Short Introduction. by Colin Ward; Bash the Rich by Ian Bone; Make Capitalism History: Poems and Other Communications by Bob Dixon
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