Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Press the Word

Quick post to mention that the blogroll has been updated.

No new additions as such, but just to let you know that Richard at Commie Curmudgeon and those crazy kidz over at Shiraz Socialist have both moved their blogs over to wordpress.

Richard's latest post at CC is a trip down memory lane where he meets ten thousand maniacs.* As well as writing consistently excellent posts on genuine 'ultra-left' politics**, Richard is also a canny writer on music. You should blogroll him if you haven't already done so.

The political Dead End Kidz at Shiraz Socialist are the latest toastmasters at the Carnival of Socialism, and choose the subject of “Why is the left obsessed with the Middle East?” as the topic for debate. Again, you should check them out and if you haven't already blogrolled the scamps, then you should do so. If only so that you can keep tabs on JD's alcohol consumption and VP's increasingly bizarre obsession with Yvonne Ridley.

The last line is meant in jest even if they did neglect to include me in their new blogroll.

What do they want from this blog . . . politics? humour? originality? insight? No chance, it's not on my agenda. But have they been out recently in sub-zero temperatures working to unionize home child care providers or to fight health care cuts? Course they haven't . . . I've checked the temperature chart for Birmingham. It's a balmy 12 degrees in the Midlands at the moment. Bah, Armchair Sean Maxshachtmanite Wankers

I should rant more often. It has such a calming effect.

*Reidski, did you really think that was led off for me do a lame gag about the old Den?

**Real ultra-left politics. Not the 'You fucker! You don't follow the same self-appointed leader as me. You don't stuff the same bundle of unsold shouty-lefty newspapers under your bed that I do, therefore you're an ultra-leftist' type of political labelling so beloved of the 57 varieties.


voltaires_priest said...

You miserable fucker, I forgot to blogroll you is all. Correction now made. ;-)

And did someone say "Yvonne Ridley"? Whoooar.

Darren said...

"miserable fucker"?

Nah, urbane metropolitan wit. A provincial like yourself wouldn't understand. ;-)

But cheers for the blogroll, nonetheless. ;-)

Reidski said...

Oi you, just noticed the small print - cheeky bastard ;-)

Btw, word verification is "shmig" - which sounds like a great insult.

Darren, you are a shmig!