Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Take hArt

It's official: Banksy has entered the mainstream.

Forget the artwork for the Blur album cover or him post-punking Paris, you know that he's made the leap from a EC1 coffee table to the dashboard of the white van man, when the Sun does a story on some of his early graffitti in his home city of Bristol being officially vandalised by some over-exuberant workmen from the local council.

It's not exactly on a par with the demolition of Diego Rivera's 'Man at the Crossroads' mural at the Rockefeller Center in the thirties, but don't be too surprised if you switch on Radio 4 in the coming weeks, only to discover that The Archers has a storyline about an anonymous tearaway leaving his signature tag around the sleepy environs of Ambridge, whilst the locals sit in The Bull, supping their beer, speculating on who might be the 'young Banksy' in their midst.

Banksy inspired Tesco carrier bags coming to a supermarket checkout near you.

Hat tip to Will Rubbish.

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