Thursday, March 29, 2007

'You got on my Wik, Godber'*

Leftist Kult Kuts (II)

Absolutely love this.

The Sparts give both barrels to Wiki-Misledia in a splenetic article entitled, 'Wikipedia: A Million Monkeys Typing'. You have to stand in awe at an insult with the elan of:

" . . . What better habitat for the dregs of yesterday’s Spartacist-hating “Marxism” and “Trotskyism” Internet newsgroups, the kind of people who probably have not left their computers, bathed or seen sunlight in weeks?

Christ, with that sort of invective on display, you'd think Bob Black is now writing op-ed pieces for the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist) press - I'll give them their proper title for once - but as someone on Leftist Trainspotters has suggested, all that has happened is that one of the many enemies that the Sparts have picked up on their political travels down these polemic strewn years has stolen a march on the vainest of the various vanguards, by penning the wiki entry on the Sparts. They at some point have tried to amend the entry, and found that they don't have the final word on the matter. Hence, the Sparts bursting a collective bloodvessel on the matter.

Knowing the Sparts, they are currently concocting a conspiracy theory that involves Jimmy Wales, the International Bolshevik Tendency and that SWP member who chaired a Stop the War meeting in Birmingham in 2005, and who didn't allow a Spartacist member ask a seven minute statement question from the floor.

Bugger that old chinese proverb of: “If a man sits on the bank of the river long enough, he will see the bodies of his enemies floating by.” That involves too much sitting around.

Just stand by the river with your laptop in hand, and pen your political enemy's wikipedia entry courtesy of some local free wifi. Sectarian revenge will be all the more sweeter for being so instant, and there's less likelihood of getting a bad case of the piles.

Hat tip to a spotter on Leftist Trainspotters.

*Godber as in Lenny, as in Norman Stanley Fletcher insulting said Lenny Godber in their prison cell, and as in giving me an opportunity to mention the Sparts and a classic seventies British sit-com** in the same blog entry.

** Nope, sorry, Citizen Smith doesn't count. That was a classic 'sit-con'. I've been to ICC meetings that had more laughs than your average episode of John Sullivan's overrated comedy.

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