Thursday, March 29, 2007

I hate myself and I want to die.

Leftist Kult Kuts (I)

I have to reproduce this excellent joke that opens Mitchell Cohen's pamphlet/essay, '"What is to be Undone?" or, How to Spot a Vanguardist at Twenty Yards', which is number six in the Zen/Marxism series, as published by the Red Balloon Collective:

An incorrigible anarchist was on her deathbed when she'd announced that she'd become a marxist. Her affinity group was shocked! They spraypainted slogans all over her room, threw rocks through the windows, slamdanced to blasting MDC, and paraded around her bed with a black flag. Finally, one of her lovers asked: "After all these years and all we've been through, how could you become a marxist?"
"Well," said the turncoat, "my time is up. So I says to myself, if anyone's going to die, let it be one of them marxist bastards."

Hey, if I can pretend to laugh at myself and my politics - anarchistfuckingbastards - the least Mitchell Cohen can do is get his arse in gear and set up a website to put the Zen/Marxism series on the t'internet.

With other titles in the series such as 'What is the Existential Vacuum . . . & Does it Come with Attachments?'; 'Help, I'm Voting and I Can't Get Up!'; & 'Those Not Busy Being Born are Busy Dying', you know that he's got more ideas and wit whizzing round his brain than the average autonomous situationist anarcho-pacifico collective.

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