Sunday, January 07, 2007

Something for the weekend

"Woo hoo, scored a belter on my debut, and the forces of darkness came unstuck at East End Park. Just another Sunday."


John said...

Jammy bastards.

Reidski said...

Larsson was superb, no doubt about it and it was very interesting to hear the commentators waxing lyrical just about every time he touched the ball. I think he's there for something like 12 games - I will be gobsmacked if he doesn't get into double figures! I'm even more convinced it's United's title now.

As for that other game, tee hee hee hee hee!

Darren said...

But Reidski, what about all the newsprint (and newspeak) from Trevorland about Larsson only being a good player/goalscorer in a mediocre league, which was the official line all those years ago?

Btw, looks like you were right about the Smith/McCoist dreamtime. Crisis, what crisis?

Reidski said...

Yes, Darren, I remember that official line but I try to ignore it these days. On the huns, I was only repeating what others said. And, on that subject btw, not many Rangers fans giving a toss about where this leaves the national side. Interesting piece in Scotland on Sunday today which seems to suggest a bit of a Scots v Foreigners scene at hunland this season, with a bit more than a hint of xenophobia or racism by our fellow Scots at play. Also, the writer says, big problem that Ferguson and Boyd had with le Guen was that the manager had wanted them to do something about their drinking (as in, "stop drinking so many pints of lagers, please, boys") and about Ferguson's liking for Scottish food (no, not succulent venison or smoked salmon but more the fish suppers and deep fried mars bars).