Sunday, January 14, 2007


"In light of the celebrity guest appearance by Sylvester Stallone today on the pitch before our game with Reading FC, David Moyes's nickname for Everton, 'The People's Club', has been revised so that we will now be known as 'The Plastic People's Club'.

Please ensure that there are no naked flames placed near the celebrity fans.

Thank you for your cooperation."


Phil BC said...

What's the footy like in New York, Darren? Any minnow teams capable of taking down LA Galaxy, or whatever it's called?

Darren said...


Fraid - courtesy of the Fox Soccer Channel - I'm still too much fixated on British football to notice such trifles. ;-) (Christ, Martins goal against Spurs was absolutely top-fucking drawer. Pardon my French.)

And the MLS player that most impressed at the World Cup - Clint Dempsey - has gone and spoiled things by signing for Fulham.

Believe or not, the MLS team in New York was recently purchased by Red Bull - does that make me a shareholder? - and, as a result, changed their name from New York/New Jersey MetroStars to Red Bull New York.

All the more confusing when you realise that they actually play out of New Jersey. Djorkaeff was playing for them last year, but he's seen better days.

Of course, Beckham signing for LA Galaxy received coverage in the mainstream press that far outweighed the usual coverage that football/soccer gets - back in Britain, the sports section would be the first section I would turn to in the Guardian; in the States, the sports section is the first section I throw away in the New York Times - but that was as much to do with the matter of Beckham's gargantuan salary and the fact that he is married to Posh.

I'm sure that when he comes to play in the States, there will initially be a marked spike in interest in 'soccer', but for all I like Beckham as a person he's never been the player to alight a game in the same way that a Ronaldinho, Henry, Rooney or Ronaldo can do and I don't think the fact that he is pleasing on the eye is enough to get kids swapping basketball shirts for football jerseys.

Darren said...


in my haste to rant at length about Red Bull, I neglected to address your question.

In truth, LA Galaxy are not the best team in the MLS. I think more often than not DC United have been the best team the last few years. (I stand to be corrected.)

For me, the interesting thing about LA Galaxy is not the whole Beckham business but the fact that there are two MLS teams in the Los Angeles area - LA Galaxy & CD Chivas - which offers the possibility of genuine derby games. Nothing like a bit of needle to add spice to ninety minutes of football.

Just like a Potteries derby, but without the silky free flowing football of a Port Vale in their fullest pomp contrasted with the plug ugliness of the Stoke midfield of a few months back. Maybe you can guess where my loyalties lie ;-)

Chivas is looking to tap into the Latino community for its fanbase, whilst I guess LA Galaxy is tapping into a fanbase of Rod Stewart and Vinnie Jones . . . when he's in the States.