Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm still on hiatus #3 (honest)

A few days is a long time on the dark side.

Only yesterday, speculation was rife that Ferguson was heading south, despite the fact that he flattered to deceive at Blackburn previously, but was as it Le Guen stripping Barry Ferguson of the captaincy that was his undoing?

Nope, it was results like this, this, and this - amongst others - that was his downfall. A pedigree of three titles with Lyon ensured that if Rangers were getting the results, Le Guen could have given Nacho Novo the captaincy and no one would have batted an eyelid. However, when a team is on its uppers, then that's when the rose tinted spectacles of 'tradition, history and past success' - and all that sickly sweet bullshit - kicks in. Celtic's been prone to the same sort of footballing spin in the past, and one shouldn't be too surprised that the same (re)invention of tradition has now befallen Rangers and its supporters.

My tip is that Billy Davies - currently at Derby - will be the next manager of Rangers. He's proven himself at both Preston and Derby, coupled with the fact that he is one of their own, will make him a favourite of both the fans and the press. I also think that a lack of immediate transfer funds, and the fact that the job currently looks like a bit of a poisoned chalice, will mean that Murray won't be looking at the continent for the next manager of Rangers.


Reidski said...

That hun tosser on Sky Sports News - whatsisname, the bloke who used to present Scotsport? - says the bookies have stopped taking bets on Walter Smith taking over. And, as the old saying goes, the bookies are rarely wrong!

Darren said...

Smith would be a mug to take the retrogade step of taking up the reins at Rangers. Never go back, and all that.

But I've got my napkin placed nearby for when I have to eat some humble pie. (Maybe Souness is an option, as well?)

Reidski said...

And now BBC say Smith will go as an "advisor" to groom Ally McCoist into the role.

Btw, love your rest from blogging, you've never been as prolific ;-)

Darren said...

Christ, I think McCoist should just stick to being a captain on Question of Sport. So much for my powers of prediction.

And my supposed break from blogging?

Just a cunning ruse on my part to both garner some extra comments, but also an excuse to show off my extensive vocabulary by using such words as hiatus. ;-)