Thursday, January 11, 2007

Old Jokes Home #2

No, not this, this:

"Slowly but surely, though, I [Chic Charnley] started to realise I could make a living out of the game. I was a full-time player and people started to say nice things about me. I can remember at half-time in one game going into the Kilbowie stand at half-time. Andy Roxburgh was the Scotland manager at the time and he came in after me to get a cup of tea. I said to him: "Andy, any chance of a cap?" He replied: "Why? Is the sun in your eyes?" That wasn't bad from him.

Sounds like a Chic Murray special to me, but nonetheless I recommend you check out what is a funny and informative article that passed me by at the time about a player who passed under the radar to all but the chosen few during his stop-start career.

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Reidski said...

Charnley is one of those Celtic legends who never played for Celtic! Always one of us!