Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pick 'n' Mix Revol Trix

"A week on Wednesday, I need seven white, four brown . . . A couple of gingers thrown in for half price? OK, but I must insist that they wear bobble hats. No donkey jackets.
Placards, whistles and slogans will be supplied on the day."

Apparently the '68 generation are getting themselves all in a tizzy at the news that professional protestors are hiring themselves out for the day at the going rate of 150 euros. I'm just pissed that the only thing I can come up with in response is that bleedin' quote from Strummer yet again.

I'll get my coat . . . and my petition.

1 comment:

Phil BC said...

I can do a great turn on a stall.

Yours only for £50!