Monday, March 07, 2005

Sitemeter Sightings

OK, it's not on a par with that time one of my emails turned up on Redwatch*, but it's comical that the following two have recently been having a read of the blog:
A livejournal type who admits to loving Oliver Kamm, voting Tory at some point in his life and liking the opinions of Richard Littlejohn. His redeeming feature is that he mentioned my blog on a live journal thread and that he supports Arsenal. There is good and bad in all of us.
Demoncratic Blunderground must have choked on his prejudices when he clicked on the 'Next Blog' button and was confronted with this blog. A ball of hate in pretty font colours. Weird thing is, I look like that nerdy bloke ready to take a pummelling in the picture on the top right hand side of the homepage. I'm sure it can't be me though - I would have fainted by that point, and I wouldn't be seen dead in white trainers.
* Sorry, no link provided. A sinister wee site run by some Nazis in the North of England. Like to intimidate political opponents by posting details of people on their website. Certainly sends a chill up the spine.
CORRECTION - It appears I was too hasty in attributing to the LVT a special penchant for Richard Liitlejohn. My apologies for that. I hope he understands that it is simply down to the fact that socialists can't do irony. Though we both come out of this laughing: He gets my fulsome apology, and I get a few more hits to the blog.

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hakmao said...

The Demoncratic puncher appears to have an unnaturally large scone, which is surely attributable to a surfeit of bone, or metal plates, or depleted uranium casing, or perhaps he's the famous (and previously thought extinct) homo dinosaurus.