Saturday, February 27, 2010

Whip It (2009)


mikeovswinton said...

Is "Bust magazine" the new title of the Western Socialist, or am I missing something here?

Darren said...

Never heard of Bust magazine? Excellent feminist pop culture magazine operating out of Chicago. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the 'magazine wrack' section of the blog and click on the link.

PS - How the bloody hell have you heard of the Western Socialist?! You'll be waxing lyrical about Fulcrum next.

mikeovswinton said...

I gathered once I checked things out on Wikipedia that Bust magazine is shelved differently from my initial assumption had led me to think.

I used to have some old copies of the WS from the early 70s/late 60s. They probably go for £000s on ebay these days I suppose. Never heard of Fulcrum. I think I got them at Speakers Corner.

Darren said...

Worth 00s on ebay? Probably not.

Fulcrum was a journal produced by the Canadian comrades in the early 80s. I think it started after the Western Socialist ceased publication around the same time.

They now produce a wee journal called Imagine.

mikeovswinton said...

And now out over this side of the pond. Being advertised in the break in the Simpsons.

Darren said...

Good Saturday night movie.

Ellen Page is in danger of being typecast, though.