Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ballad of a Soldier (1959)


Darren said...

An informative essay about the film and his making over at the Criterion Collection website.

A really beautiful and affecting film. Recommended.

mikeovswinton said...

Well you must still have another 300 or so films to go. I'm into "Blades from the Willows", having finished Louis Cha/Jin Yong's experimental "Fox Volant at Snowy Mountain", and only have "The Deer and the Cauldron" on the horizon. Then I'll have read every single wuxia novel translated into English. It is interesting to think that as the most read living novelist in Chinese, Louis Cha must probably also be the world's most read living novelist, and only a couple of months ago I'd never even heard of him. Still; he beats the living daylights out of that Martin Amis. Can't finish a chapter he's written. I think Anna Ford might be right about him. Happy searching for filums. "The Tai Chi Master" looks good - how Chen Style Tai Chi saved the world. Interesting idea.

Darren said...

Yeah, 365Watch was one of my better ideas in recent times.

Forcing myself - and, more often than not I am forcing myself - to watch a film every day has meant I've watched films that I would never have looked at in a thousand Sundays. Ballad of a Soldier is one such film. Brilliant film that I would recommend to anyone.

I know I won't keep up the one film a day resolution but if I make it to the end of May I'll be happy enough. 150 films in 150 days has a certain ring to it.

According to Netflix, there's two Tai Chi Master. Which one are you referring to?

I see that the tv adaptation - Laughing in the Wind - of Louis Cha's works are on Netflix, but unfortunately none of them are on instant. I'll definitely bear them in mind when I'm running out of ideas of what to watch next.

mikeovswinton said...

There's an ad for a recent Tai Chi Master at the start of the Book and the Sword - the Final Battle dvd. So I'd guess the more recent one. There is supposed to be a classic 1993ish one as well. I'll check Laughing in the Wind. Not sure there is a book of that title though.