Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Slater or Larrson?

A canny bit of last minute business from Mowbray on transfer deadline day , I guess. If only because it takes the heat off him and his transfer policy for a few weeks or so. (February 28th, to be exact.)

Only thing is; hasn't Keane been here before?

And hasn't Celtic been here before, as well?

I guess I'm being unfair to Keano Mark 1, as Celtic did win a league and league cup double the year he was at Celtic Park, and I'm definitely a lot fairer to him than Keane Mark 2 was at yesterday's press conference when - mentioning no names - he stated: ""I am here until the end of the season, that is as far as I have thought about it. I didn't want to come here aged 35, at the end of my career and struggling. I am here at the peak of my career . . . "

I guess for some people Japan/South Korea 2002 was only yesterday.


mikeovswinton said...

Mowbray. Oh yeah, the one who didn't turn down Celtic.

Darren said...