Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 2010 Socialist Standard

February 2010 Socialist Standard


  • Calling on Beelzebub
  • Regular Columns

  • Pathfinders The Machine inside the Ghost
  • Cooking the Books 1 Dreams and nightmares
  • Cooking the Books 2 The yellow brick road to nowhere
  • Material World American Public Opinion and the S-Word: weakening of a taboo?
  • Greasy Pole Hoon or Buffoon?
  • Pieces Together A frightening world; The oil invasion; Merchants of death
  • 50 Years Ago “You’ve never had it so good”
  • Main Articles

  • Haiti - an un-natural disaster The reality with earthquakes is they kill so many only if we let them. They are inevitable, but the death toll is not.
  • Christmas bombers The son of a Nigerian banker wasn’t the only one on a bombing mission at Christmas.
  • Who bailed out the bankers? They tell us that we “the taxpayers” did? But it’s not as simple as that.’
  • Beyond Capitalism Attempts to reform capitalism, whether through parliament or dictatorship, have failed. This leaves conscious majority revolution as the only way forward.
  • The market versus cooperation Difficulties with cooperation arise when the restrictions of the market start to operate
  • Car Boot Capers Shopping, it’s said, is the new religion, the new opiate of the people.
  • Ire of the Irate Itinerant Cartoon Strip
  • Book Reviews, & Meetings

  • Book Reviews:Cronies or Capitalists? The Russian Bourgeoisie and the Bourgeois Revolution from 1850 to 1917 By David Lockwood; Red Planets - Marxism and Science Fiction Edited by Mark Bould & China Miéville; First as Tragedy, Then as Farce By Slavoj Žižek
  • Socialist Party Meetings: Clapham, Holborn, Manchester & Norwich:
  • Voice From The Back

  • Green shoots of recovery?; Capitalism is obscene; This Sporting Life; Behind the glamour

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