Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Killie me softly


You don't even have to click on the link. All you need to know is the opening paragraph to the report linked to:

Robbie Keane's Celtic debut ended in disappointment as Kilmarnock recorded their first win at home against the Glasgow side in nine years. [My emphasis.]

Does Tony Mo have to go? Should I have copyrighted the 'Melting Mowbray' post title all those games ago? Will Owen allow me have a full night's sleep again before his seventh birthday?


mikeovswinton said...

Are thoughts of Owen Coyle and what he might have done for Celtic keeping you awake? Oh, sorry, that Owen........

Darren said...

Clever bastard. ;-)

Guess why I'm replying to your comment at ten past two in the morning?

With regards to Owen Coyle? Better watch he doesn't do to Bolton what Harry Redknapp did to Southampton in the 2004/05 season. That would be unfortunate. ;-)

mikeovswinton said...

Yeah well, I'm just guessing that the new messiah is a horse of a different type to Harry Redknapp. (Neat little Dexys quote there, eh.)

mikeovswinton said...

And our chairman, whatever his other faults, is not called "Rupert", and I seem to recall Mr Souness's comments on that matter, not that I'd usually be seen dead quoting him.