Sunday, January 03, 2010

The St Genevieve Day Massacre?

OK, this is the set up. Since they got beat 1-0 by Seville in early December, R*ngers league form has been as follows:

  • 12th Dec R*ngers 3-0 St Johnstone
  • 15th Dec Dundee Utd 0-3 R*ngers
  • 19th Dec R*ngers 6-1 Motherwell
  • 27th Dec Hibs 1-4 R*ngers
  • 30th Dec R*ngers 7-1 Dundee Utd
  • That's 5 victories on the bounce, with 23 goals scored and only three conceded. They're leading the SPL by seven points having played one game more than Celtic but also have a goal difference advantage of +16. And stats like that mean something in the SPL.

    They're that rampant at the moment that even Kenny Miller is scoring goals. I repeat: KENNY MILLER is scoring goals. He was as surprised as the rest of us and needed to rest his studs on Darren Dods shins, thus missing out on today's match.

    Oh yeah, about today's match. Despite Celtic going into today's match on the back of that great escape from Vienna and recent form of 5 wins and 1 draw in their last six home games, it doesn't look good for us. A defence that is currently auditioning for Danny Baker's next football blooper dvd, and Boruc with aspirations to take on the starring role in a film of this footballing legend of yesteryear all adds up to what couild be known in future years as the St Genevieve Day Massacre.

    And yet? And yet I haven't been as excited about an auld firm game in a long, long time. Like a Socialist Standard front cover it could be a thing of brilliance or an absolute disaster. I'll be smiling whatever happens. The only thing that could have made today better is if it had been played at Ibrox.

    Mid-Manhattan, here I come.


    gray said...

    But isn't this predictable? Celtic or Rangers - it's one of them trying to outdo the other. It's as predictable as people writing comments on how predictable it all is.

    btw - I haven't got a copy of Carl Pinel's article on chess for the Socialist Standard. Please post it if you have it! I read it back in the 80s and recollect it, like much Carl penned, as good.

    Darren said...

    Predictable? Absolutely but I can't do anything about it. Celtic's my team and I'm lumbered with them whether I like it or not. Who do you suggest I obsess over. the Brooklyn Knights? ;-)

    Onto happier matters, I liked Carl's articles from that period. I seem to remember that he also wrote good articles on Edward Carpenter; Marie-Louise Berneri's Journey Through Utopia and a piece on the politics of boxing. (Or maybe an article on boxing and politics.)

    aberfoyle said...

    What has happened to celtic since the Irish coach,did he forget to leave his benediction in the locker.