Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010 Socialist Standard

January 2010 Socialist Standard


  • Capitalism and the New Decade
  • Regular Columns

  • Pathfinders Top of the Pop Charts
  • Cooking the Books 1 State monopoly capitalism
  • Cooking the Books 2 Financial alchemy
  • Material World Xenophobia in Russia
  • Greasy Pole The thick of it
  • Pieces Together Another Labour failure; Ten wasted years; The other 1 percent
  • 50 Years Ago Labour's lost chord
  • Main Articles

  • Pitiful Copenhagen Given the competitive nature of capitalism any agreement on trying to deal with climate change was bound to be feeble and inadequate.
  • Climate change: business, as usual What should we have expected from such a large gathering of the world’s elites if it wasn’t this?
  • Masters of War ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time . . . and some of the people all of the time . . . but . . .’
  • Cab-ride to capitalism: servitude by the majority It only takes a cab ride in a city to see which class has the most power and influence in capitalist society.
  • Horror-Scope For Non-Socialists Some forecasts which are much more likely to be fulfilled – for non- Socialists.
  • Real life monopoly Compared to the complexities of capitalism socialism is a simple social system.
  • Ire of the Irate Itinerant Cartoon Strip
  • Book Reviews, & Meetings

  • Book Reviews:The Frock-Coated Communist: the Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels By Tristram Hunt; The Ecological Revolution – making peace with the planet By John Bellamy Foster The No-Nonsense Guide to Global Finance By Peter Stalker; Unravelling Capitalism. A Guide to Marxist Political Economy Joseph Choonara; Zombie Capitalism. Global Crisis and the Relevance of Marx. By Chris Harman; Engines of Change By Ian J Kerr
  • Socialist Party Meetings: Clapham, Holborn, Manchester & Norwich:
  • Voice From The Back

  • Pollution and Profits; Capitalism in action; The next war?; It must be obvious

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