Thursday, January 14, 2010

A prayer for the lying

Via Popbitch, and for Kara:

>> Celebrity Big Brother <<

C4 go for the dimmest Baldwin brother

celtiagirl writes:

"Stephen Baldwin has been a mentalist for yonks. I met him around the time of The Usual Suspects and he showed me an IRA tattoo he’d had done.

I asked, 'Did he know anything about the IRA?'

'Not really', he admitted: but he felt it was probably 'part of my character’s shady past'.

"So, a permanent tattoo for a fictional character representing a movement he doesn’t understand."

Kara and myself are mostly communicating through CBB at the moment. It's getting serious. A few of us may have to stage an intervention Friday if and when Sov gets voted out.

Keep you posted.

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