Sunday, June 21, 2009


Fascinating bit of gossip from the Vaux Populi blog.

I wonder how much truth there is to the suggestion that Scargill's Socialist Labour Party was going to join the No2EU electoral front but pulled out at the last moment because of Scargill's insistence that he take the top berth in the London region?

On the one hand there is an air of plausibility to the story because of Scargill's colossal ego - with Arthur insisting, in the third person, that he be the top candidate in London. On the other hand, the story didn't first appear in the Weekly Worker, which is the usual messageboard for such rumours on the left.

The lash up would have made sense. Anyone who watched both the SLP's and the No2EU's election broadcasts back to back would have seen two film crews working from the same rough script. Would such an arrangement have received more votes? Totally dependent on what they would have decided to call themselves. Yep, it's a shallow as that.

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