Monday, June 29, 2009

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Never let it be said that this blog misses out in the opportunity in signposting Noam Chomsky appearing in a cartoon strip.

No jokes about the real life Chomsky being a cartoon character, please. That gibe is for the self-satisfied over at Harry's Place.

I just like to spot *cough* public intellectuals in the most unlikeliest of places. It also takes me back to the good old days of avidly reading Roy and the Rovers every week, and the genuine thrill of that storyline where A J Ayer turned up in the pages of the comic face to face with Roy Race. Something about Ayer being the leader of a Spurs hooligan gang who decided to invade the pitch in a FA Cup sixth round replay to try and get the game abandoned after Melchester Rovers went 3-1 up with five minutes to go. I can't remember how it resolved itself - mind, it was a storyline from 30 years ago - but I suspect that 'Blackie' Gray despatched Ayer with a kick to the nether regions and the rest of the Spurs hooligan crew melted back into the terraces. That's how those cliffhangers usually got wrapped up if memory serves me right. If you see the particular issue on eBay, drop me a line. I'd like to read it again

The Chomsky cartoon? From the pen of Mitch Clem. His cartoon strips aren't really that political which it makes it all the funnier when Chomsky pops in from an alternate universe to make a guest appearance as this week's curmudgeon.

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