Thursday, June 11, 2009

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I had a similar experience back in 1996 when I popped into Housmans to buy a copy of Radical Chains.

Anyway, shouldn't that guy be paying Ben Stiller royalties? And what are they selling again?

Hat tip to Exile On Moan Street.


bob said...

Whatever happened to Radical Chains? I thought it was great, but it just disappeared. Did they move on to anything else?

Darren said...


I've no idea what happened to them. It was one of those journals that I would always look out for in Housmans but I never did see a new issue.

Not even a London Anarchist Bookfair every Autumn could induce the bods behind it to bring out a new issue. And that's saying something for political *cough* milieu in London at the time.

I see that a bit of their stuff has turned up on the net but I would like to read again the articles on James Kelman that appeared in their pages. I can't seem to find it on the net at this point.

Darren said...

PS - I seem to remember that one of the people involved in Radical Chains was called David Gorman.

I wonder if he turned up in that show?

stuart said...

Hi Bob and Darren,
You can find most of the people involved in Radical Chains still attending the Birkbeck College Marxist discussion meetings initiated by the late Cyril Smith (the marxist, not the fat liberal). The mag I think fell apart partly from personal differences, partly because it involved a lot of work, partly because the main movers lost the motivation/energy required to do it.
I agree, I think it was a great magazine, what Aufheben tried to emulate but to my mind failed by being too pretentious.
I'm still in touch with David Gorman, who didn't appear on that show, and whose article on Kelman I still admire.

Darren said...

Hello Stuart,

cheers for filling in the gaps.

I'm surprised that the back issues of the magazine aren't on the net (to the best of my knowledge). You'd think that they'd in the archive section of one of the anarchist/radical websites. Libcom maybe?

There is a link to some Radical Chains articles on the John Gray - For Communism website but all the links seem to be dead.

I'd love to read that Kelman article. Christ, I'd love to read Kelman again. It's been years.

stuart said...

They were talking about putting it all on the web along with some new stuff. I'll ask them what happened to that idea.

It was that Kelman article that made me read Kelman. And I'm so glad I did.

bob said...

I'll look for my copy and scan the Kelman article if I find it! Remind me if I look like I'm not getting around to it.