Monday, June 01, 2009

'Your name is on the ballot, you're not coming in'

Via the Vaux Populi blog:

The SPGB caught between a rock and haringey place.

As the Vaux Populi poster says, it's all very well for friend and foe alike to politely enquire of the SPGB, 'but aren't you lot really just parliamentary anarchists?' but maybe said friend and foe can also taken the time out to forward that particular memo to the anarchists?


stuart said...

Did you say something incredibly rude about me then delete it from the Vaux blog? And after I'd said such nice things on Dave's Part too!

Darren said...


sorry about the misunderstanding over the deleted comment. I wasn't being snarky for once; just expressing surprise at the mention of petit bourgeois. Never thought it was part of the SPGB vocab - abusive or otherwise.

The formatting of the comment got garbled - blogger's fault, not mine - and I couldn't be arsed to repost the comment. Mystery explained. ;-)

PS - I radically amended the wording of this post after I realised some swine was reading it.

stuart said...

Sure I've heard and read SPGBers call anarchists or their politics/beliefs "petit bourgeois" before, but doesn't matter, was only joking. Shame we can't have a blazing row about it for old times' sake. Or rather, you and Dave have a blazing row, and I'll do my Madge impression. ;-)

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks for your comments on my VV mix, glad it rocked your boots - you can grab the full Gina X tune here (as well as another mix o' mine - soundtrack for a non existant movie) and some other related 80s bits here