Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vittumainen with a bell

Swedes have always been my favourite Scandinavians for some inexplicable reason but a bit more of this from the Finns* and I might have to revise my opinion:

“It's not just Premier League footballers who have become world-renowned – some supporters have an international reputation too. During the Finnish TV coverage of the Bristol City v Portsmouth FA Cup replay on Tuesday night, commentator Tuomas Virkkunen referred to the notorious John Portsmouth FC Westwood, in English, as ‘the cunt with the bell’, then explained that he wouldn't translate the term into Finnish since some people might find it ‘offensive’.” [From the When Saturday Comes website.]

What would cause the greater pain . . . stuck next to that tube local character for 94 minutes or sitting in front of those wankers salt of the earth Sheffield Wednesday supporters who used to play the same few bars from The Escape To Victory theme over and over and over and over again for 92 minutes on their brass instruments? Given that choice, I'd sooner sit in the cubby hole in Conway Hall on a Saturday afternoon listening to the ICC drone about decadence.

*According to wiki the Finns may or may not qualify as Scandinavians. It is open to debate. For the purposes of this post, they do qualify.


Will said...

deffo not Scandanavians.

Darren said...

For the purposes of the post . . . .

No translation for vittumainen?