Monday, February 02, 2009

Gearing Up


Reidski said...

for the game on the 15th by any chance?

Darren said...

The 15th? Christ, I can't think that far ahead.

If Celtic can get past Queens Park in the cup then, and only then, will I think of R*ngers on the 15th.

Just wish that Smith had had the firesale that the media were claiming that R*ngers needed to do to pay for the half-time oranges.

The emoticon? SERIOUS bloggers block kicking in and I can't help but feel that this bloke has the right idea.

*Cue 36 posts in the next 24 hours.*

stuart said...

I feel the same as that bloke myself, but you're not allowed to give up. What would I do with my day if not watch your music videos, add your books to my Amazon wish list, and write snotty comments under anything I disagree with that week? Keep up the blogging! I insist.