Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tubes being tested

Remember back in the day when the blog had its act together and would post details of the latest Socialist Standard each and every month. What happened to the good old days? Will they ever return?

Nowadays, if I want to post details of a Socialist Standard article, I have to go the circuitous route of posting a link to the Richard Dawkins (dot net) website because it carries a repost of a piece from this month's Standard.

Nice to see that the article generated a few comments from the pocket protector brigade . . . even if they do come off as a surly bunch of gits. I guess that comes with the high IQ and the love for prog rock.

PS - You can view the latest Standard by clicking on the superb front cover on the right hand side of the screen.


stuart said...

Sad that only the pocket-protector brigade pays rightful homage to prog. It used to be a mass movement.

Darren said...

"It used to be a mass movement."

Anarcho-Syndicalism is the prog rock of radical politics. DISCUSS.

stuart said...

Anarcho-syndicalism is nowhere near that interesting or radical. NEXT!

Darren said...

Dissing the anarcho-syndicalists like a good 'yin. You ARE an anarchist.

I bet you hate Solidarity Federation more than that you hate capitalism. ;-)