Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Give me a baby in a Celtic top before he is seven months old and I will give you a Bhoy for Life"

  • Wardrobe provided by Uncle Graham and Auntie Sharon
  • Photographed by Auntie Anne
  • A bastardisation of that famous Jesuit quote by his Dad . . . and if the accompanying photograph doesn't convince him where his football loyalties should lie then telling him he was named after Owen Archdeacon should do the trick.

    gray said...

    awwww bless!

    This reminds me that I don't I have congratulated Ms.K and you on the birth of your bairn.

    There I was thinking the name was chosen from the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. Oh well, perhaps it's as well that the great Jay Jay Okocha never made it North of the border! ;-)

    Darren said...

    No, his name is from Robert Owen but he doesn't need to know that if he tries to go down the wrong road of liking *cough* baseball or *shudder* ice hockey.

    ajohnstone said...

    or heavens forbit , become a real rebel against his dad , and support the HUNS...