Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Infotainment Scam

Our TV died on us last autumn, but after viewing this recent clip from Fox's Glenn Beck Show I now realise that it committed suicide.

Before any British readers get a bit smug about right-wing loud-mouth American tv, wrap your peepers around this recent clip from Noel's HQ:

I always knew Noel Edmonds had his head up his own arse but it's sad to see Keith Chegwin plumb such sorry depths. The man who fronted Naked Jungle reduced to the status of being King Noel's arse wiper. I bet he never thought it would come to this . . . and it must be a bastard trying to wipe when Noel's head is in the way.


stuart said...

I first learned of the Noel show through Charlie Brooker's, and it's quite horrifying. It's science fiction's worst nightmares come true.

Won't someone shoot him before he spreads his destruction further?

Highlander said...

You're right. You're telly did kill itself and I think mine will be heading the same way if I ever have the misfortune to channel-hop onto Noel's HQ.

Reidski said...

No time to watch the clips right now. But, have heard about the Edmonds programme and it sounds almost fascistic!

Darren said...

I wonder if Edmonds is going to do a Kilroy-Silk?

Daft thing us, you'd think Beck would be the more sinister of the two but he has a glint in his eye and you know it's half politics, half pay cheque with him.

But Edmonds? That wanker has always had something of the night about him.