Friday, June 03, 2011

Inspector Ghote's Brooklyn Mystery

Who knew so many people in our apartment building took notice of my withering two line book reviews on the blog?

Eleven days and counting and 'Inspector Ghote Caught in Meshes' is still sitting all alone in the lobby of our apartment building. The book briefly disappeared from view on day two but the anonymous wannabe book lover put it back in place on the mantelpiece a few hours later and it's been there ever since.

At this point, I'm too embarrassed to even acknowledge its existence. I'm guessing I'll have to set the alarm for the middle of the night, don suitable clothing, and take a train out to Long Island with a shovel, some quicklime and a bag of quick-setting cement.

Alternatively, I could 'recover it' - wearing the aforementioned clothing - bung it on book swap and secure that signed copy of The Fountainhead that I've always wanted.

1 comment:

Darren said...

Finally disappeared yesterday from the apartment lobby.

I'm guessing it's gone to sleep with the fishes.