Sunday, January 02, 2011

A slow dance, some romance and R*ngers didn't stand a chance

Deserved it.

Going into the game I thought they'd get walloped and I was so, so happy to be proven wrong.

McCourt answered his doubters and showed that he could perform in a big game. His reverse pass in the first half that created a scoring chance for Forrest was the pass of the game . . . Miller went missing . . . Samaras should have got a hat trick (and deserved it) . . . Mulgrew was good going forward but scares the hell out of the spectator when called upon to defend . . . Ness looks like one for the future for R*ngers . . . . and Forrest still looks like he'd get carded if he tried to get into an over-12's youth disco.

R*ngers are still the favourites for the league, but this win makes it much more interesting.


ajohnstone said...

The REAL derby the previous day was embarrassing to watch.

Darren said...

Did you ever declare your true allegiance? I can't remember.

Say Ferranti Thistle for the lulz.

Lynchie fae Aberdeen said...

I thought we'd nae chance but the lads done awfy good!