Thursday, January 06, 2011

'If I was in London right now . . .'

. . . I think I'd have to hot foot it over to the Tricycle Theatre to check out Traverse Theatre Company's musical comedy play, 'Midsummer'

You'll want the blurb:

"It's Midsummer's weekend in Edinburgh. It's raining. Two thirty-somethings are sitting in a New Town bar waiting for something to turn up. He's a failing car salesman on the fringes of the city's underworld and she's a high powered divorce lawyer with a taste for other people's husbands. She's out of his league and he's not her type at all. They absolutely should not sleep together. Ever Ever.

Which is why they do.

Midsummer (a play with songs) is the story of Bob and Helena and a great lost weekend of bridge burning, car chases, wedding bust-ups, bondage miscalculations, midnight trysts and horrible hungover self-loathing misery.

Featuring Cora Bissett and Matthew Pidgeon as the ill-advised love match, Midsummer is a quirky, charming love story by one of Scotland's leading playwrights, David Greig and top Edinburgh singer/songwriter, Gordon McIntyre."

Cora Bissett from High Times and songs from ballboy's Gordon McIntyre? What's not to like?


The Guardian's Michael Billington gave it a glowing review last year.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out for Midsummer Darren!