Monday, January 31, 2011

Coogan's Guff

2011Watch was never going to be 365Watch. That was never my intention . . . but I should have at least made it to the end of January.

It was that bastard Coogan film that broke my spirit.

I should stick to documentaries. I know where I am with documentaries.


mikeovswinton, a-ha said...

Don't know about the Coogan film - I'd never heard of it until you blogged it. I'll have to ask around in Middleton.
But have you cheked out the 6 new Alan Partridge shorts on "Fosters' Funnies"? They suggest that if Coogan sticks to what he's good at and get Ianucci to write 'em, there is some life in the old dog yet. The best condiment one is brilliant - gravy ruled out for being a hot sauce, Branson pickle for being a relish and mustard for being a yellow paste.

Darren said...

I'll look out for them but I must warn you in advance that I'm officially registered as the only known person on this planet earth who doesn't find Ianucci funny.

In fact, he irritates the fuck out of me for some reason.

mikeovswinton, condiment fan said...

I saw him live at the Dancehouse in Manchester once. He was very good, actually.
Mid Morning Matters on North Norfolk Digital is cracking if you like Partridge, but I should note that I made the bit about Mustard being a yellow paste up. Apparently. I was sure he said it. Weird, eh? But on someone else's blog I quoted a lot of it all thinking I was recalling something that the walking Wikipedia, Sir Stephen Fry had said. (Which means it must be true.) Boy, was my face red.

Darren said...

He just comes across as ridiculously smug, and when he did that show with Baynham and Schneider - can't remember its title - i had to stop myself from throwing something soft and spongy at the screen.

In fairness to that Coogan film, it's a decent enough cast and I like Coogan more often than not, but the film itself was at least 30 minutes too long, and when you end up getting increasingly irritated by the length of a film you come out the other side resenting it.