Friday, May 15, 2009

The Year My Voice Broke (1987)


stuart said...

So, what about that one?

ajohnstone said...

more to the point ...teeheehee...hibs again , my aren't we east coasters good at deflating weegies

Darren said...

'The Year My Heart Broke' (2009)

Alan, come clean: you're a jam tart. Don't come around here talking up the hibs. ;-)


Cracking film. Clicking on the post title will lead you to the wiki page for the film.

Coming of age film set in the Australian outback in the early sixties. Also check out, 'Flirting', the follow up to 'The Year My Voice Broke', which takes up the story of the film's hero, Danny, a couple of years later.

Apparently, the writer/director, John Duigan, intended Danny's story to be a trilogy with the third film set in and around the time of '68 but he never got round to making the last film.

Shame that. I guess Noah Taylor will have to content himself with the Nick Cave biopic which will come around sooner or later.

Darren said...


on second thoughts, perhaps it isn't a good idea after all to click on the wiki link for the film. It gives the story away.


stuart said...

Great, thanks Darren!

Kevin Williamson said...

Its all gone quiet over here...

Darren said...

Quiet? No, thoughtful and sullen,

Fair play to Hibs. They hit a purple patch in the last three games but the downside is that, because of it, Mixu's taxi won't be scheduled to arrive now until Christmas 2009. ;-)

I know if I've been playing the half glass is empty guy when it comes to Celtic these past two years but I think it will come right (wrong) for me this time. I can't see Dundee Utd doing Celtic a favour come last game of the season.

Daft thing is that if Flood was still at United, he could have been that bit of quality which could have turned the game. Instead he will be parking his arse on the subs bench for Celtic.

Such is life.

*disclaimer* this comment is written in haste and under duress due to a very loud baby shouting the odds in my ear at the time of writing.

Kevin Williamson said...

Its never over until the final whistle. Harry Potter's mob need a win or Aberdeen can overtake them for the final European spot.

Flood? Forgotten he existed. A similar fate beckons for James McCarthy and Andy Dorman.

Darren said...

I actually hope that McCarthy stays at Hamilton. It'd be a waste if went to Celtic and then he suffered the same fate as the likes of Riordan etc etc.